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                              KALECİK AND KALECIK KARASI

As a disrict of Kalecik, located in Central Anatolia(Asia Minor) Region, occurs of mountainous and rugged lands on west and south and Kizilirmak Valley on south-north direction in Turkey at 2400 feet altitude.
Kalecik is a very old place whose history goes back to B.C.4000. Kalecik Castle located on an over looking hill, remains of the ancient Roman period.

Kalecik is located in the Kızılırmak Valley of Anatolia. It is cultivated in the Central Anatolia Region, close to the Kızılırmak River. –in ancient times, this river was an important frontier between Asia and the Aegean region.- The vineyard benefits from the microclimate of Kızılırmak, which is milder than the continental climate of Central Anatolia.


Kalecik Karası is an indigenous Anatolian(Asia Minor) grape and one of the oldest wine grape in history, is grown in Kalecik.
Kalecik Karasi is a monosepage wine developed after long research into the viniculture and vinification of this grape. Due to its high altitude, thanks to the microclimate of Kızılırmak River, soil and other local conditions.
Kalecik Karası is one of the most significant Turkish wine grapes. Kalecik Karasi is complex, elegant, well-balanced and has a lasting and charming aroma of red fruit. It can be aged for up to ten years.